Mounting the engine

A few months ago we took delivery of our engine from Barrett Precision Engines, a powerful Lycoming AEIO-540-X with a little bit of history to it. We were very excited and could not wait to mount the fuselage to the engine, however we have only been able to fit the engine this weekend. Partially because we had other tasks to be doing first, but also because the engine needed a bit of work before it was ready to fit.

Our engine was originally built by Barrett Precision Engines in 2009/2010 for another high performance aircraft, which we bought from them with less than 50 hours on it. We're told it should have a TBO of 1,000 hours, so we're only 5% into the life of this engine in theory. Sold to us in used condition, we asked Neil Andrews from Superformance Engines in Oxford to look over the engine and carry out some other tweaks and modifications that we wanted such as the oiled cam mod  and a lick of paint. Whilst I did quite like the original alochomed gold colour the engine had, I was advised to get it painted as that wont last long within the great British climate. Our engine has been built with a blend of high performance components to ensure high power and low weight with out sacrificing reliability.  

So after a few months of sorting some replacement parts out, we were finally able to hang the engine on the front of our S-1-11B in just 49 seconds! She's really looking like an aircraft now: