Side panel update

We have made good progress over the past few weekends working on the side panels for the fuselage, so far we have produced the two panels for the belly along with two side panels taking us to the last bay where the fuel tank sits.

This is where we'll stop for now, as ideally we need the cowling attached to ensure everything is sitting and overlapping correctly. However, for that to happen we'll need to fit our new titanium firewall, which we don't want to do just yet. We're using our steel firewall as a mock so that when we fit the engine (in a few weeks!) and start working out the fuel system and smoke system we can play around with hole locations for the various fittings needed on the firewall before committing to cutting holes in our lovely Ti firewall. 

The panels are a great visual progress update to the project, and it really is starting to look like an aircraft now.

Once the seat and seating position is complete, the bottom panels will have a hole cut out to make way for a lexan window which will allow me to see through the bottom of the aircraft when flying. This increases visibility and is very useful for positioning within the aerobatic box at competitions. I'll be able to look down and see the judges smiling ... although if I can see them smiling, they'll probably penalise me for being low!