We're building a high performance biplane.

That high performance biplane is the Pitts S-1-11B, which will become the second only of its type in the UK, with only a handful flying worldwide.

We are a family with a passion for aviation who enjoy building, maintaining, and flying aircraft. The project for us started towards the end of 2015, and we would like to see it flying sometime in 2018 2019 Find out more about the project »

Let there be lift! -

Towards the end of last year we took the fuselage down to our metal artist, Paul Baisden, to get some welding jobs done such as extra brackets and tabs that we can use instead of using p-clips everywhere. This was all done and our plan was to then get the fuselage painted, however after much discussion we opted to not paint the fuselage just yet.This was because the wings were still a bit of an un... read more »

Panels, cowling, and other bits -

It has been over 3 months since our last update where we mounted the engine, so we're long overdue an update! Rest assured though that despite a little break to recharge our batteries, we have been very busy.We have now completed all of the metal panel work for the fuselage, at least to the point where it just needs some final trimming that will be done later. The hardest panels to make were most... read more »

Mounting the engine -

A few months ago we took delivery of our engine from Barrett Precision Engines, a powerful Lycoming AEIO-540-X with a little bit of history to it. We were very excited and could not wait to mount the fuselage to the engine, however we have only been able to fit the engine this weekend. Partially because we had other tasks to be doing first, but also because the engine needed a bit of work before i... read more »

Side panel update -

We have made good progress over the past few weekends working on the side panels for the fuselage, so far we have produced the two panels for the belly along with two side panels taking us to the last bay where the fuel tank sits.This is where we'll stop for now, as ideally we need the cowling attached to ensure everything is sitting and overlapping correctly. However, for that to happen we'll nee... read more »

Why? Because we love Pitts Specials. Their history, their character, and the way they fly. The "Super Stinker" was designed by Curtis Pitts to compete with the carbon monoplanes, and we plan to continue his vision by keeping biplanes competitive in Advanced aerobatic competitions in the UK.

Alex Cartwright

Alex Cartwright Flying since 2009, Alex is a seasoned competition pilot currently flying BAeA Intermediate competitions all over the UK in a Pitts S-2E, G-KITI.

An active member of the Shropshire Aero Club, Alex can often be found practicing for competitions up in the skies above Shropshire.

Scott Cartwright

Scott Cartwright Often found upside down inside the back of an aircraft, Scott is an aircraft engineer who maintains and builds a variety of aircraft.

When not working on aircraft, Scott is either out on his mountain bike or travelling the country taking photos.